From Oaks to Acorns

Frank R. Turk's New Book

Promoting Deaf Youth Leadership through Multigenerational Engagement

Here is our newest addition to the Deaf Life Press catalogue: Frank R. Turk’s first book, “From Oaks to Acorns: Promoting Deaf Youth Leadership Through Multigenerational Engagement.” It’s a history of the Deaf youth movement, Youth Leadership Camp, and National Leadership and Literacy Camp programs, with sage advice on starting a new youth-leadership organization.

Published by Deaf Life Press

Published by
Deaf Life Press

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Our Author

Frank R. Turk

Dr. Frank Turk is a legendary figure in the Deaf community, renowned for his work with seberal generations of Deaf youth. From Oaks to Acorns is an affectionate memoir, distillation of a lifetime of wisdon and experience, and an inspirational guidebook for organizing and promoting leadership among young Deaf people. Dr. Turk also addresses parents directly, in his characteristic heart-to-heart way.

Youth Leadership Camp

He recounts the history of the Jr. NAD and Youth Leadership Camp programs, includes reminiscences and profiles of some outstanding exemplars, explains what makes effective leaders, encourages readers to get involved in service and advocacy on a local level, and celebrates the Deaf community’s most precious resource: its students. Mini-profiles of several outstanding Jr. NAD/YLC alumni are included.

A rewarding excursion for anyone who’s ever been involved with the Jr. NAD, is curious about its history, or wants to set up a new youth organization.

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